Meant to say – saw Shrek last week at the cinema (superb film – go see!), and then Gone in 60 Seconds on DVD (a moderate film; not really enough plot or action to satisfy, and only one significant car chase in a film where 50 high-performance cars are stolen!).

Also played my first Playstation 2 game (Sky Odyessy) which is fun, but also very frustrating as it is sort of half a flight simulator, only with the useful aspects of flight-sims missing (such as an artifical horizon on the HUD). Was glad I only rented it (would be worth picking up for a tenner, I guess, but not worth 30 or 40 quid).

Last of all I chipped my PS2 to play all-region DVDs and output them in RGB. The RGB fix works, but haven’t tested the region coding bypass (see