I was a bit disappointed with Unbreakable – after all the hype about ‘this year’s Six Sense’ I was expecting a similarly engaging and suprising film. The film itself is fine, I guess. Bruce Willis continues to impress me as a versitle and talented actor, and as usual Samuel L. Jackson is the man. Also a familar face by way of Robin Wright (Princess Buttercup – of the Princess bridge – and also in Forrest Gump) who I didn’t place until I looked on imdb just now. Just as Laurence Fishbourne will always be Morpheus, so Robin Wright will always be Princess Buttercup). ANYWAY, the point is the alleged twist is pants – not because you can see it coming, but you don’t actually care! Nothing wrong with the acting, but the script drastically fails to engage and build up the tension. The DVD itself is also naff – the only extras are the subtitles and other languages.