Miss Congeniality is a real “Ronseal” film – it does exactly what it says on the box. No plot surprises (not even a hint of a twist) no gratuituous ‘dressing-room’ scenes (which would have been oh-so-easy), no mental energy required.
Sandra Bullock really shines though as FBI Special Agent Hart, who has to enter a beauty pageant as Miss New Jersey. She doesn’t really convince as the hard-as-nails one-of-the-lads tomboy, but has the fish-out-of-water slighty accident prone woman discovering herself down pat.
I actually really enjoyed it though – very very funny in places, extremely camp throughout, and no-one in takes themselves seriously at all (which is always fun to see).
Have to say a quick word about Michael Caine (who trains her up) – absolutely fantastic, and in some danger of stealing the film.
Finally the DVD – only watched it in stereo, and the sound was fine, picture quality and so on excellent. The extras rock too. Lots of lots of them, and well worth a scan. I unfortunatly didn’t have time to watch them, but there seemed to be a lot to choose from.