H’mm – not very good at doing this, am I?
Right, finished Z.O.E. all through, although if I can be bothered I’ll go through again and do it a bit better, which releases new options in the head-to-head mode. Got a lack of other games at the mo, so might do it…

Saw Monsters Inc. and Ocean’s 11 at the cinema recently. Very different films, but both are very good and enjoyable. I think Monsters Inc. just gets the edge – could see the ruse in Ocean’s 11 a mile off, and personally think it could have been done a lot better (take a leaf out of “The Sting”, for example).
Also saw Along Came A Spider on DVD – very enjoyable film.. gotta love suspense-y detective films, and I admit I didn’t see the twist coming (but wasn’t trying too hard). Naff all extras though, which is a shame in this day and age.

On the DVD front, just got 3 through from Oz – Big Trouble in Little China.. superb film, and loads of extras on the DVD, although I’ve only got half way through the director’s commentary. The commentary is.. um.. interesting – seems to be Kurt Russell and John Carpenter in hysterics and catching up on all their news, and occasionally remembering to comment on the movie.
The other two are Dead Poet’s Society and Jerry McGuire, neither of which I’ve played yet.

Finally, just ordered Spyro 2 on PSX. I hugely enjoyed Spyro 1, and it turns out there’s another 2 or 3 Spyro’s on PSX, and a Spyro on PS2 on the way! Strongly tempted by Gran Turismo 3 on PS2 platinum at only 19.99 now, but am trying to save up for the Linux kit in May.