Star wars – what can you say? I thought Phantom Menace was a huge disappointment, and a recent re-watch on DVD only confirmed this opinion. Clones is a different matter. I was distinctly underwhelmed on my first viewing – just seemed to be another film entirely consisting of ‘set-up’ with no substance. Anakin also completely failed to grab me – I know he needs to make the transition to the dark side, but he just comes across as a petulant teenager who’s sulkly and with a huge chip on his shoulder. And this is a 20 year old with a […]


Interesting film – Kate Winslet really shines in it, as does Dougray Scott, although Saffron Burrows failed to really convince. I must admit I failed to grasp some of the subtleties of the plot, but neither did I enjoy it enough to want to rush out and see it again. Pleasing enough home entertainment – worth the effort when it’s shown on terrestrial.

"The Panic Room"

Firstly I’m going to come out and say I’m a huge Jodie Foster fan, which will inevitably bias my view! .. But I really enjoyed this film. Thought that the casting was spot on, the story’s a good yarn (and mostly believable) – the ‘home alone’ moments were played very well, and yet there was also the constant spectre of horror hovering, which more often then not was never delivered (thank goodness!). The ending was a little weak and cliched, but otherwise a fine film. Seen at Ster Century, Leeds.

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