"Up on the Roof"

This is a really fun play/musical about 6 college friends who form an impromtu barber-shop type vocal group on the roof of their student digs. There is a plot, of sorts, about their relationships and life choices, but the main appeal is the songs. Heavily based on Motown numbers, and just fantastic singing (but I’m a fan of acapella anyway) – a really good night out, and well worth the effort.


Gym update. Another morning to the gym – 15 mins @ 9.5 kph. Followed it up with some messing around with the multi-gym, but nothing serious.


Gym update. Went last Tuesday and this morning. Last week I did the treadmill – changed speed a bit, but probably averaged out to about 15 minutes at 8.5 kph. This morning did the ergo – 3k in 14.05 minutes, followed by 3 minutes on the treadmill @ 9 kph, before it hurt to much to continue! :)#

"The Bourne Identity"

A great action film about a super secret agent who forgets his identity and has to try and work it out, while being tracked down by the very agency which created him. Seen at Ster Century, Leeds

"Men in Black II"

I have to say I was a little disappointed by this film. I’d seen all the best bits in the trailers, and I felt like Will Smith was struggling to hold the film on his own. Tommy Lee Jones is once again the man – his comic timing is faultless, and he plays off the other characters so well. The baddie was also just great this time. … but it was just lacking something. The freshness of the original film wasn’t there, and although many of the old characters were back, somehow the magic wasn’t.

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