I just love the whole Harry Potter thing (book 5 has been pre-ordered already), and this film was again everything I hoped it would be in many ways. I’m grieved by the continued underplaying of Snape – he simply doesn’t come across as hating Harry’s guts! Lucius Malfoy is absolutely perfect – as others have said I’m surprised he didn’t melt the film stock! 🙂 Branagh was just great as Lockhart, and Tom Riddle was also very pleasing. I did like the diary sequences – nice use of sepia with just Harry in colour. I also loved the forbidden forest […]


Just started a new diet, in an attempt to be able to fit into my clothes once more! I’m measuring progress using my weight, and also my fat index (there’s a machine here which can apparantly work it out). So, the starting stats are: Height: 178cm (5’10”) Weight: 80.8 kg (12st 10lb) Fat Index: 21.6% Apparantly the normal weight range for my age, etc is 63.4kg – 78.9kg, so I’m a little bit over! That said, I do think it didn’t quite get my height right!

"My Big Fat Greek Wedding"

You have GOT to see this film – the funniest sweetest film of 2002 by a long way! A laugh-out-loud comedy, which retains it’s subtely and empathy throughout.. You really care about the girl, and really understand what she’s going through without it settling into either sentimental rubbish or desperate cringing (although there are cringeful moments.) Just a very nice, entertaining film, set a gorgeous pace in today’s post-Matrix high speed film world.


Another very nice film – no great action, just great acting and human interaction. The basic premise is that a wash-out film director comes across some software that enable him to create an virtual actress (Simulation One), who is drop dead gorgeous and everybody immediately loves. Of course it all spirals out of control, and when he deletes her program in order to kill her off, he ends up charged with her murder!! But a very high calibre cast, and a very nice concept – how long before it’s true? (is it already?)

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