"About a Boy"

I was pleasantly surprised by this film – watched it at my mum’s over Christmas, and was expecting to be a bit bored. But actually it’s a very funny engaging film.. even Hugh Grant is quite acceptable in it. Well worth renting out of an evening if you fancy a film.


Superb film – go see! Superb DVD – go buy!This film has everything; humour, a good plot, gross jokes (to keep the little ‘uns happy), adult subtext, the usual emotional rollercoaster. Got it out the other day for another viewing, and holds up wonderfully. Seriously – go buy!

"Die Another Day"

Another Bond film. Again I went into this film with high expectations, and came out mildly disappointed. Oh, all the elements were there, and the stunts and action were all very good. I warm greatly to Brosnan’s Bond, and yet he’s also starting to irritate me as Bond. He lacks the flamboyance of Moore and Connery, although I do think he’s an excellent Bond. But anyway, the film. I feel a bit ashamed at how long it took me to see the ‘twist’ coming regarding the chief antagonist, and I was taken completely by surprised by the identity of the […]

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