"Centre Parcs"

Well, a long time since the last update, but I least I have the excuse of having been away for a week! We went to Centre Parcs, in Sherwood Forest, which was actually a really good holiday. The villa was very comfy, with excellent heating, plus an open fire! They more or less ban cars from the site (except on changeover days), which makes it quite pleasant to walk and cycle around, and certainly at the time of year that we were there it wasn’t too busy either. Also just moved into my new office (vey exciting), although it is […]

"Brass bands"

Oh dear, back to business as usual as far as regular updating goes!! Still, had a most surreal morning this morning. Arriva trains started a new timetable today, which included a loco-driven 4 carriage train – the type with the clunk-click doors (that you have to lean through the window to open). Nothing too odd about that – but they decided to launch this service with a brass band (!), and then give out fake leather Arriva credit card holders to all the passengers(!!). It wasn’t an unpleasant experience, listening to a brass band (pom pom pom!) while waiting for […]


Lovely weekend. Sister-in-law came to visit, which was nice, and we didn’t really plan to do very much, but ended up getting quite a bit done on the house. The ladies did a bit of weeding, I (finally) fitted our night-light to the front porch (which, incidently, is light sensitive, controlled by a circuit I built!), and generally did a bit of tidying up. The damp people are visiting today, to see if the damp patches that have appeared on our wall are their fault or not, and in any case to treat them. This unfortunately means we can’t decorate […]

"PGL and love"

Well, PGL trekker from 11 years ago’s response was: “I’m sorry – I don’t think I remember you.. Did you have longish black curly hair, and did we sleep together?”. What an awesome response – made my day! (she was joking, by the way.) We swapped photos, and she did remember me, and we’ve been having a jolly time remembering all the crazy antics – it’s been nice actually. After I sent her a photo, she said “Oh yes – of course I remember you. You’re right, we didn’t sleep together, but I think we did have a drunken snog”!!! […]

"Letters from Leeds"

Lots to say today, but I’ll probably forget it before I get to the end! I was writing to some old friends last night, and it suddenly occurred to me that I’ve got the wrong idea about these weblogs type things. I was thinking of them in terms of newspaper columnists and fame or fortune, whereas I think a closer analogy is writing a letter to a friend, or one of those round-robin type things. The upshot of which is that I think I’m going to rename this blog “Letters from Leeds”, in homage to Alastair Cooke’s “Letter from America”. […]


I had my first shower for 8 months this morning! Ok, so that’s not strictly true – well actually it’s a complete lie – but this morning was the first time since January that I have had a shower at home where I’ve been able to stand up and not have to hold the shower head in my hand! I removed our old bath and fitted our new one in January, but we’ve basically not got around to tiling the bathroom since then. And of course with no tiles you can’t seal the bath in or fit a shower screen, […]


I’m very happy that nothing happened yesterday – I had the BBC News ticker going on my desktop all day, dreading a gas attack in London or something like that. It would be very easy to get depressed – the Israel/Palestine situation seems to be getting worse every day, Iraq is an ongoing cause for concern, and that’s you consider all the other wars going on around the world. But on a lighter note, I’m becoming a bigger fan of Nemi every day – she really rocks! Lise Myhre is not only a babe, but is freakishly funny, and the […]

"Claudia Winkleman"

H’mm – still no luck finding any decent info about Claudia Winkleman – the best I’ve come up with is some stuff on the BBC website, which has got a nice-ish picture.


I’m a regular reader of the Metro newspaper (mainly because it’s free and gives me something to do on the train), and they have just started carrying a new cartoon strip called Nemi (that site is actually an unofficial fan site, but it has English translations of the strip). It is a work of comic genius rivalled only by Dilbert, and the occasional Peanuts or Garfield. Particularly good ones are lord of the rings 1, and 2, tattoo, and let’s finish with studentloan, and her nipple! Enjoy!

"Kitten ace of spaces"

Oh go on then – a friend just e-mailed me the kitten ace of spades

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