"Star Trek: Nemesis"

I absolutely LOVED this film – Best action film I’ve seen for *ages* – equal in calibre to Spiderman, and has to be one of the best Star Trek films. It’s been a while since I’ve come out of a film raving about it – but it had it all… I laughed, I cried (well nearly anyway. I’ll leave it as saying that we suffer a major loss in the film), I held my breath.. well you get the idea. Really was edge of seat stuff – but with all the old characters we know and love. There was a certain […]

"Bend it like Beckham"

Another fun film, although this failed to really meet up to my expectations. I didn’t find it particularly funny, where I was hoping to, but I guess it was quite insightful. A few things didn’t really hang together well to me, and I think the relationship between Jess and Joe was neither explained nor explored adequately. Oh yes, and the plot was incredibly predictable – could set your watch by the key events (heroine starts on journey, heroine meets mentor, heroine has crisis and temporarily abandons journey, etc). Perfectly watchable though – good Saturday night entertainment.

"Ice Age"

This was a great film – I’m a fan of this ilk of film (Monsters Inc, Toy Story, …), and this was no dissapointment. Unashamably one for the kids, but with enough depth to keep adults attention too. A must purchase for those with young’uns.

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