I’m told the official name for this sort of thing is a “blog” – I presume it’s short for “weblog” or something like that. I was talking to a friend over coffee yesterday, who got very excited when I mentioned I occasionally scrawl inanities on here, and promised to look, so I sort of feel obliged to put something up. In other words, blame her! 🙂 But I did go and see The Matrix Reloaded yesterday, and I have to say that I think the critics are wrong in slating it. Sure it’s not going to win any oscars, but […]

"The Matrix Reloaded"

I know I’m often at odds with other people about films, but I really don’t think the Matrix II deserves the slating it’s getting from the critics. At one point in the film I was a little bored, and thinking “get on with it”, but in the main I was right on the edge of my seat – even ducking at times!! I think it’s biggest problem is that it’s a sequel to the Matrix – and that’s an awful lot to live up to. That said, where “bullet time” was very in your face in the Matrix, here it’s […]


What a riveting year this has turned out to be, eh? Almost halfway through, and only one diary entry. Still, that’s probably good news for my PhD (only 19 weeks until submission day!). I start writing up properly next week, although I’ve still got quite a bit of research to do. Spoke to an old friend last night (the friendship is old, not the friend) – his daughter (I was at school with the guy, and he’s got a baby!!!) is being baptized on Sunday. We’re going down to see them, but still ended up chatting for hours on the […]

"Bullet Proof Monk"

This was a lovely concept (an monk who must protect a scroll for 60 years, and in return doesn’t age and recovers from any injury inflicted on him), strongly influenced by Jackie Chan, Crouching Tiger, and a bit of Matrix – but sadly heavily let down by the script and acting (in places). It’s a good fun film – the action is great (but more please!), and the main actors hold their own – James(!?!) King as Jade rocks, as does Seann William Scott. Chow Yun-Fat breezes through the physical stuff, but comes a bit unstuck with the english dialogue. […]


An astonishingly violent film, but with highly compelling acting and screenplay, and the nice concept of ‘Gun-Kyoto’. Very heavily influenced by 1984, all emotions have been banned (this ban being implemented by the use of drugs), as have art, music, and so on, and it is the jobs of the clerics to enforce it. The clerics are highly trained martial artists, who have statistically analysed gun battles to work out the sequence of moves which minimises their chances of being shot while maximising their chances of shooting their opponents. It also apparantly extends to punching and the use of swords. […]

"Searching for Bobby Fischer"

Very enjoyable film, although the friend who lent it to me led me to believe there was a romantic/emotional subtext involving a woman, which I spent the whole film looking for!!

"Ratchett and Clank"

From the makers of Jak and Daxter comes a game that’s just possibly even better! “Like J&D with guns” is how I’ve heard it described, and that’s not far off, but it doesn’t do it justice. Synopses and the storyline of the game are ubiquitous on the net, so I’ll only add my personal opinion. It rocks! I have played this, and played this, and played this. Straight after finishing it once I went back to the start and played it again (it lets you restart the game with all your guns and some special items). Perhaps I need to […]

"Shanghai Knights"

Surprising I haven’t done a review for Shanghai Noon, of which this film is the sequel, and is a film which I rate extremely highly! Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson star once again, this time the action is displaced to London, and Jackie is joined by his ‘sister’ (the highly watchable Fann Wong). There’s nothing really wrong with this film (although some of the ‘in jokes’ are laboured), but it also doesn’t hit the spot. Where Shanghai Noon succeeded, this somehow fails to capture the magic again. I wonder if Jackie is just getting a bit too old for this […]

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