Surprising I haven’t done a review for Shanghai Noon, of which this film is the sequel, and is a film which I rate extremely highly!
Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson star once again, this time the action is displaced to London, and Jackie is joined by his ‘sister’ (the highly watchable Fann Wong).
There’s nothing really wrong with this film (although some of the ‘in jokes’ are laboured), but it also doesn’t hit the spot. Where Shanghai Noon succeeded, this somehow fails to capture the magic again. I wonder if Jackie is just getting a bit too old for this physical stuff – the fights and stunts just look choreographed, and I never once found myself ‘lost’ in the action; I could follow all the moves easily.
Somehow the spontaneity was missing, and that’s a gret shame.
Still, worth renting out from the video shop I’d reckon. Seen at Ster Century, Leeds.