I know I’m often at odds with other people about films, but I really don’t think the Matrix II deserves the slating it’s getting from the critics.
At one point in the film I was a little bored, and thinking “get on with it”, but in the main I was right on the edge of my seat – even ducking at times!!
I think it’s biggest problem is that it’s a sequel to the Matrix – and that’s an awful lot to live up to.
That said, where “bullet time” was very in your face in the Matrix, here it’s so subtle you almost don’t notice it. At times I found the bullet time bits to be a necessary breathing space, like “phew – ok, so Neo is there with a pole, and so and so is there, and they’re coming up.. WOOOOAAA off again”
The plot was a little weak (although in many ways the plot was never going to be the strong point), but there were some *great* characters (the twins are good, as is Merovingian, plus an old friend makes a great comeback(s)), and lots of unanswered questions to be resolved in III – plus an amazing ending.. much more like a two episode Star Trek ending then a film ending! “We couldn’t fit this into one film, so we’ve split it in two” type thing.. I can just see III starting “previously in the Matrix…” or something.
So anyway, I hugely enjoyed it – I thought it was technically better than the orignal, although not as strong on the plot, and it suffers (ironically) from being a post-Matrix 1 film!

Seen at Ster Century, Leeds.