I’m told the official name for this sort of thing is a “blog” – I presume it’s short for “weblog” or something like that. I was talking to a friend over coffee yesterday, who got very excited when I mentioned I occasionally scrawl inanities on here, and promised to look, so I sort of feel obliged to put something up.

In other words, blame her! 🙂

But I did go and see The Matrix Reloaded yesterday, and I have to say that I think the critics are wrong in slating it. Sure it’s not going to win any oscars, but for me it really hit the spot.
I could have done without some of the ‘real life’ zion scenes – for me they didn’t really add anything, and at times slowed the whole pace of the film down, but otherwise it rocked. I’ve written a more in depth review over there somewhere.