"Sky Odyessy"

Update I’ve taken the plunge and got it from ebay – much better value at 15 or 20 quid. I was perhaps a bit harsh – the lack of proper flight-sim stuff does still rankle, but after a bit of practice with the controls and a lot of playing, I’m actually a bit of a fan now. Finished off the adventure mode, which is satisfying, and might one day get around to unlocking all the special craft… … but probably not!

"SOCOM: Navy Seals"

What a great fun game, especially the online whatsit! The basic premise is that you are a SEAL commander, charged with leading your team of 4 on a number of sorties against those nasty terrorists (who are planning world wide disruption and must be stopped). That’s the offline game anyway, but plug it in to the network adaptor, and it’s a whole different ball-park. You choose to be either a SEAL or a terrorist, on teams of up to 8 players a side, in what really amounts to a death-match. There are some extra hooks in the games – some […]

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