Tom Hanks and Leo DiCaprio star in this film based on the true story of Frank Abignal Jr, conman extrordinaire in the 60s and 70s.
A really quite engaging story – you can’t help liking Frank, despite him defrauding several million dollars – he’s got panache!
And it’s sort of everyone’s dream, to put on a pilot’s uniform, and waltz in to an airport and get free flights to wherever! And it’s telling how he gets sucked into that world without noticing that he has – he’s quite at ease in a posh restaurant (with chilled salad forks!), wearing designer clothes, that sort of thing.
But he still keeps his childlikeness – he is clearly also out of his depth on several occasions, and resorts to telling the real truth.. and every time he does nobody believes him.
I suppose most of all it’s a story about broken family relationships, and the effect it has on the 16 year old who is forced to choose between whether his mother or father has custody over him! (answer, it makes him run away and become a conman!)

Seen at Ster Century, Leeds