Fri Sep 12 2003

I’m very happy that nothing happened yesterday – I had the BBC News ticker going on my desktop all day, dreading a gas attack in London or something like that. It would be very easy to get depressed – the Israel/Palestine situation seems to be getting worse every day, Iraq is an ongoing cause for concern, and that’s you consider all the other wars going on around the world.

But on a lighter note, I’m becoming a bigger fan of Nemi every day – she really rocks! Lise Myhre is not only a babe, but is freakishly funny, and the strip translates from Norway’s culture perfectly. It’s like the hey-day of TGI Friday’s, when Chris Evans could hit the button smack on (e.g. getting “Nicole” from the Renault adverts on). Nemi is somehow a character you end up really caring about, in all her different moods and crazy stunts.