I had my first shower for 8 months this morning!

Ok, so that’s not strictly true – well actually it’s a complete lie – but this morning was the first time since January that I have had a shower at home where I’ve been able to stand up and not have to hold the shower head in my hand!
I removed our old bath and fitted our new one in January, but we’ve basically not got around to tiling the bathroom since then. And of course with no tiles you can’t seal the bath in or fit a shower screen, so you have to squat in the bath and try not to spray everything.

But last week it finally got tiled, and I put up the shower screen over the weekend, and – praise the Lord and hallelujah – this morning I got stand up in the shower and wash my hair with both hands.

Our bathroom (which I started upgrading in February 2002) is now but a whisker away from being finished – there’s some minor making good jobs (fitting skirting boards, for example, and boxing in some pipes), but then it just needs lino AND THEN IT’S FINISHED!!!