Lots to say today, but I’ll probably forget it before I get to the end!

I was writing to some old friends last night, and it suddenly occurred to me that I’ve got the wrong idea about these weblogs type things. I was thinking of them in terms of newspaper columnists and fame or fortune, whereas I think a closer analogy is writing a letter to a friend, or one of those round-robin type things.
The upshot of which is that I think I’m going to rename this blog “Letters from Leeds”, in homage to Alastair Cooke’s “Letter from America”. Ahhh no – just let my secret Radio 4 habit out of the bag! Actually it’s my wife who’s the R4 junkie – but then radio alarm clock is on her side of the bed, so I don’t get much say in the matter!

On the same note, I’ve been thinking about some friends who I’ve lost touch with, and scouring the Friends Reunited website. Sadly most of the people who I find there I’m already in contact with, but I did discover a old friend who I met 11 years ago while we were both working for PGL Young Adventure at Tan Troed, in Wales. She was a smelly trekker then, but I was only a KA, and so am no-one to speak! Those few months at PGL were an extremely happy time of my life though – there was such a sense of community and combined purpose.. at the end of the day we were all there to serve the ‘guests’ (ie kids), and (food and accomodation aside) got only paid beer money – but then there’s nothing else to do in the middle of Wales anyway but drink beer, unless you are interested in sheep, that is!
It almost seems a bit strange to say I spent a summer sleeping in a tent and cooking for 150 kids, and then chose to spend my time off joining in the activities with them (pony trekking, sailing, walking, archery, … the list is too long!) Still it was a great time, and if you like the outdoors, don’t mind spending several months essentially living out of a backpack and slogging your guts out so that kids can enjoy themselves then I would highly recommened it. In fact, if my circumstances permitted I’d go and do another season with them next year!!

But I digress – anyway, going to drop her a line later on today, which will give her a shock if nothing else (always assuming she even remembers me!)

H’mm – well that’s probably enough for one entry – no time to mention my new job (with office!!), centre parcs, or anything else… perhaps tomorrow.