"Brass bands"

Oh dear, back to business as usual as far as regular updating goes!!

Still, had a most surreal morning this morning. Arriva trains started a new timetable today, which included a loco-driven 4 carriage train – the type with the clunk-click doors (that you have to lean through the window to open). Nothing too odd about that – but they decided to launch this service with a brass band (!), and then give out fake leather Arriva credit card holders to all the passengers(!!).
It wasn’t an unpleasant experience, listening to a brass band (pom pom pom!) while waiting for the train, and it probably says something about the state of our railways that they burst into “congratulations” as it pulled into the station (2 minutes late, incidently). And in all fairness it was loads more comfy then the usual trains.

The best bit of the journey, however, was defintely the lovely young lady who sat next to me. As you know, the great British public don’t speak to one another, least of all on the trains, but a brass band and mock leather credit card holders where enough to break the ice, and we had a jolly chat for the whole journey. She seemed to be a real sweetheart, no more than about 23 or 24, and just happy with life. Oh yes, she was dead cute too. 🙂
In a former life I would already be planning to get the same train as her every morning, get her name, number, suggest getting a drink after work or something like that (none of which I would of actually done – far too scary – but I would have planned it <g>).

Anyway, if anyone wants a pseudo-leather credit card holder with “Arriva” written on it, do let me know….

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