Oh go on then – a friend just e-mailed me the kitten ace of spades


Trying to keep up the momentum with my blog, which isn’t as hard as it sounds as the alternative is doing PhD work. I’m supposed to submit in about 3 weeks, but there’s not much danger of that happening – looks like I’ll have to register for another year. It’s much harder to be motivated when I know that I don’t have to submit for another 13 months! Still, realistically I do need to have it all done and dusted by Christmas, as January onwards will be crazy mad with teaching and with new baby. I’m still discovering the wonders […]


Good weekend away – went camping in Appletreewick with our house group from church. I’ve not been camping for about 3 years (and my shoulder aches), but it was good fun. The only not so fun bit was waking up at 5am on Sunday dying for a pee, and having to clamber over the missus, find my wellies and coat, and walk to the shower/toilet block, which was right at the other end of the campsite. Still, it’s what camping is all about! On a different note, I’ve been playing around with the web-site – it’s moved to a new […]


Justice is done – Barry is evicted! I don’t have anything against him personally, you understand, but he has never acted or looked the part (e.g. “I don’t have to go on Top of the Pops if I’m a pop star”), and I think it’s a traversty that Louise was thrown out before him (although maybe Jensen’s performance will improve now?)

"Catch Me if You Can"

Tom Hanks and Leo DiCaprio star in this film based on the true story of Frank Abignal Jr, conman extrordinaire in the 60s and 70s. A really quite engaging story – you can’t help liking Frank, despite him defrauding several million dollars – he’s got panache! And it’s sort of everyone’s dream, to put on a pilot’s uniform, and waltz in to an airport and get free flights to wherever! And it’s telling how he gets sucked into that world without noticing that he has – he’s quite at ease in a posh restaurant (with chilled salad forks!), wearing designer […]


Have remembered one of the other websites – realgetawaytour has a couple of lads doing the missions from The getaway in real life! 🙂


Been pondering the nature of fame, mainly because we’ve been following Fame Academy on the Beeb in my house (sad, but true). Why is it that some of the contestants just look `right’ on stage performing (Louise, Peter, Alex, to some extent James, …), while others look like they’ve clambered up on stage at their local’s karaoke night? (most notably Barry – what’s he still doing there – but some of the others already gone too). I was actually a bit disappointed with this week’s results – I can’t see how Barry really deserves to be there over any of […]

"Sky Odyessy"

Update I’ve taken the plunge and got it from ebay – much better value at 15 or 20 quid. I was perhaps a bit harsh – the lack of proper flight-sim stuff does still rankle, but after a bit of practice with the controls and a lot of playing, I’m actually a bit of a fan now. Finished off the adventure mode, which is satisfying, and might one day get around to unlocking all the special craft… … but probably not!

"SOCOM: Navy Seals"

What a great fun game, especially the online whatsit! The basic premise is that you are a SEAL commander, charged with leading your team of 4 on a number of sorties against those nasty terrorists (who are planning world wide disruption and must be stopped). That’s the offline game anyway, but plug it in to the network adaptor, and it’s a whole different ball-park. You choose to be either a SEAL or a terrorist, on teams of up to 8 players a side, in what really amounts to a death-match. There are some extra hooks in the games – some […]

"The Matrix Reloaded"

I know I’m often at odds with other people about films, but I really don’t think the Matrix II deserves the slating it’s getting from the critics. At one point in the film I was a little bored, and thinking “get on with it”, but in the main I was right on the edge of my seat – even ducking at times!! I think it’s biggest problem is that it’s a sequel to the Matrix – and that’s an awful lot to live up to. That said, where “bullet time” was very in your face in the Matrix, here it’s […]

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