Saw another two films recently – How to lose a guy in 10 days, and The Tuxedo. In case you’re wondering what’s inspired this filmfest, I’ve got a month’s (free) trial membership to lovefilm, which are a postal based DVD rental agency. You basically pay them a flat monthly fee, and they then send you DVDs to watch (based on your ‘rental queue’). You keep each one for as a long as you like, then send it back when you’re done, and they send you the next one. My subscription is for 2 movies at a time, which works quite […]


Oh go on then! Anyone who’s been before will notice the whole new look (d’ya like?) – it’s not fully dynamic yet, but all of these pages are now generated from Perl templates, fully stuff across from the database. Next step is to make it fully dynamic, so that the pages are created on the fly from the database. Do have a look around, and check the list of websites that I use over to the left there…


Proper update to follow, just going to list the films I’ve recently caught, with reviews to follow! Coyote Ugly Clockstoppers Lilo and Stitch Phone Booth The Core Charlie’s Angels 2 The Matrix Revolutions Phone Booth A Beautiful Mind Lovely and Amazing And some games… SOCOM II Prince of Persia: Sands of time Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm Herdy Gerdy Jak and Daxter II

"Lilo and Stitch"

Disney have a wonderful way of playing with emotions, and here again they strike gold, making us care about the titular stars – both of whom are actually pretty unlikeable with very few redeeming features! It’s also a surprise to see Disney handling the sci-fi quite so well – the space-based opening sequence especially came as a surprise to me. Disney doesn’t pull any punches when dealing with (Lilo’s) broken family, and the emotion is pretty raw at times… but this is a cartoon, and so of course the emotion is tempered with classic Disney humour and top notch animation, […]


This film has a lovely premise – that of “hypertime”, whereby a person wearing a special watch can so accelerate the molecules in their body that time apparantly stands still. If you can suspend your disbelief for long enough to go with this (and some major liberties are taken with it – such as still being able to drive a car?!?), it’s actually quite a fun film. The filmmakers are clearly not taking things too seriously, but do (just) keep it from being too camp. The plot is entirely by the numbers, although that said there are touches of genius […]

"Phone Booth"

After a very bizarre opening sequence, this film settles down to it’s main stage, which is a street in New York, and a guy in a phone booth. Shown in real-time, this follows a conversation between a smarmy PR guy (Stu – Colin Farrell) and the nutter on the phone that’s got a high power telescopic silenced rifle trained on him from an overlooking window. The basic premise is that the sniper feels he is doling out justice to those who deserve it (Stu is apparently his third target – the other two being dead), and only by “coming clean” […]

"The Core"

I popped this film into the machine expecting a high tech war/conspiracy thriller/sci-fi – how wrong I was! Despite a very interesting premise and very clever ideas and truly stunning special effects, for me this was ultimately a story of human relationship and adventure – that fact most of it was set hundreds of miles underground was almost irrelevant. Good solid acting all round – hats off the wonderfully odious Dr Zinksy – although one or two more familiar faces wouldn’t have gone amiss. However the story is absolutely gripping – there’s a wonderful sense of the growing tension, and you […]

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