This is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen, although I found the subject deeply disturbing. Michael Moore wanders around America and Canada interviewing people about gun crime, particularly in the light of tragedies where school kids have got hold of guns and shot other kids (the title refers to Columbine high school). I found it be truly eye opening – for example he goes into a bank, and opens the account that comes with a free gun!! Later on a school kid goes into Wal-Mart, and buys all their ammunition (bags and bags of bullets) – the girl serving him looks like she’s still in high school too. The worst bit for me was the attitude displayed by Americans, and the incredible insensitivity of those who believe the right to carry heavy duty guns is fundamental and should be waved in the face of parents who have just lost a child to gun crime. There are no easy answers – you are left to make up your own mind, but it is an insightful and education glimpse into American and Canadian (I wanted to live in Canada before I saw this – now I do more than ever!) culture.