Nothing particularly to say (although this is nothing new), but a silly amount of time to kill while A feeds the little ‘un. Food this evening is curry, but one which we’d cooked up in a batch and frozen, so ‘cooking’ it actually just means dumping it in a saucepan and heating it ’till it bubbles lots. Most easy.

Did actually have fun yesterday – it was the centinary celebration of the University of Leeds, and loads of the alumni can back to pay their respects (and get free alcohol), including Nicholas Witchell (although I didn’t see him – but why couldn’t Cat Deeley be a Leeds graduate, eh?). Young Ben came in with us, and met my work colleagues and friends for this first time, which I think he enjoyed (hard to tell with a 15 week old, although he wasn’t crying which means he didn’t mind too much).

Otherwise life goes on. Was a little disappointed that Jenson Button didn’t really get a look in this afternoon after securing pole. I thought he was in with with a chance for the first 8 or 9 laps, but then it was all over (well, ok, so he came second – but 30 seconds behind Schumacher?). Was nice to see Louise on the box again though.