Is it still called writer’s block when it’s not something you have to do? I mean, there was all the to-do over J K Rowling’s alleged writer’s block with Harry Potter V, and I certainly stared blankly at a screen for hours when trying to dream up phrases for my thesis. Actually, that’s not entirely true – the main problem with writing my thesis was never quite getting around to it (too many websites to visit, y’see), rather than not knowing what to write when I actually did (although this was still occasionally a problem).

But if you’re doing something entirely voluntarily, and which nobody is going to read anyway, is it still writer’s block, or can you simply think of nothing to say?

In any case, I’ve decided that blogs are really just modern day diaries/journals, which also happen to be publically accessible anywhere in the world. I, of course, operate a self-censorship policy as people I know might well read this, which could mean
a) I’d get in trouble (or at least embarrased), or
b) they might.
Neither of which are particularly favourible outcomes, I think you’d agree. That said, some blogs I’ve read (and not necessarily anonymous ones) seemingly don’t operate this very simple policy.