A pleasing enough film – can think of many worse ways to spend a couple of hours of an evening. Once again I am not a huge Jim Carrey fan (although I was hugely impressed with The Truman Show), and I found his character – Bruce Nolan – very unbelievable. That said, the premise is great, Morgan Freeman does a very good interpretation of God, I just love Jennifer Aniston (appropriately named Grace), and I found this film to be both very funny but also quite subtle, in terms of the collatoral damage done by Bruce weilding his power to further his cause (e.g. a ‘headline’ meteor strike causes power cuts, or lassoing the moon causes floods in Korea), how even when he gets what he wants he’s not happy, and how answering yes to everyone’s prayers is an utter diaster.
Still, it’s ultimately just a popcornfest, and Bruce is just a little too selfish and Grace a little too long-suffering to really be believable. (Oh yes, and the dog is real star of the show!)