Updated my to-see list again – dropped off King Arthur and The Terminal after considering that I’ve got more than enough films that I really want to see without adding ones that I’m not sure about!

I’ve also taken Two Towers off – not that we’ve watched it yet, but we have started (are about an hour in – circumstances insist that we watch it in various sittings). Should clock another hour tonight, which will put us around halfway through! Got the surround sound going for it too, which I just love, especially when a horse gallops past, or something like that.

Other news – little Ben is getting very good at sitting up now, and can almost do it unsupported. As soon as he can, we’ll be putting him in a high-chair to feed (solids), which will hopefully make the process easier, if no less messy! Soon enough he’ll be on finger foods too, which will be quite fun to watch. He’s still a bit wobbly, and tends to either subside sideways, or lunge forwards and end up landing on his face with his bum in the air (closely followed by load wails!)