Just found out that the next Harry Potter book is going to be called Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (who is neither Harry nor Voldy, apparantly). It’s on J.K. Rowling’s website, so it probably is true! No ETA, however.

Also very excited because I got my letter of appointment to my new job today – as from tomorrow I’m going to be a Research Officer (I’m not allowed to call myself a Research Fellow, or “Doctor” come to that, until I’m formally awarded my PhD, on July 23rd) in the School of Computing.

And on a completely different note – been watching a series called Tru Calling (about to start series 2 on Sky 1, Tuesdays 9pm), which stars Elizu Dushku (aka Faith from Buffy) as Tru Davies, a girl who gets asked for help by dead people, and then relives the day that just passed. It’s actually better than that makes it sound – and we’ve really enjoyed watching it. No doubt it will appear on BBC 2 soon!