Must have beeen desperate – three entries.

Two nice suprises yesterday – firstly Blockbuster Video have got a new rental deal, whereby you can rent 3 older videos or DVDs for 7 days for 5 pounds. I guess it’s in response to operations like Lovefilm (indeed, I understand that Tesco is to do something similar). So anyway, got myself Memento, Enemy at the Gates, and Signs. Just watched Memento – very odd (but rather good) film. Didn’t dare watch Signs – might watch it on Sunday afternoon when it’s light!!

The second surprise was at some point in the recent past I signed up for Ben & Jerry’s Buddy Club. As “one of the first members” they also sent me a voucher for a free tub of ice-cream (consumed watching aforementioned film – New York Super Fudge Crunch), although there’s a whole story behind actually getting the thing from Asda. Perhaps another day.