Well, it’s official – I am now Dr Handley. Got my bit of paper on Friday morning, and got to dress up in a fancy gown and hat! I know it’s all a very serious matter and all that, but it is a bit silly – doffing hats left right and centre, processing up the aisle following girls holding big wooden spoons with holes drilled in them!

Still, it’s no worse than church, I guess, with men in frocks wandering around. I went to the installation of a Canon at Ripon catherdral (yes, that’s just 1 ‘n’ in the middle – it’s a person, not a projectile weapon!), which was plain bizarre. At times the servive was deeply moving, full of rich symbolism and beautiful music, in a beautiful setting.. but at other times it was like “what is going on?” Poor chap was lead around by the hand, until finally being deposited in the stall with his name on it. Not to mention the person in full legal dress, including powdered wig, making sure it was all being done properly.

Still, I suppose it’s no more bizarre than spending hundreds of pounds to watch 22 men run around on a pitch (especially if you dress up like you’re a player!), or to being glued to people hurtle themselves round race-tracks in precision engineering rockets on wheels.