Had a very exciting weekend, when I was stung (twice) by a wasp. I know that this normally wouldn’t classify as exciting, but I’ve never been stung by a wasp before! My mum has anaphylaxis to wasp stings, and I’ve always been worried the same thing might happen to me.. It’s not meant to be heriditary, but I have the same reaction to the tetanus jab, so it’s been a concern of mine for all my life. Well, up until now anyway. Didn’t stop me swatting the begger either. 🙂

Actually it was a lot less painful then I’d anticipated – no worse than a bad nettle sting I’d say. Although a few days on it is very itchy, especially in bed.

On a happier note, weight is going the right direction again – back down to 80kg last night. A reckons my target of 70kg is probably a bit too low, so I might take stock at 75kg (assuming I ever get there). Chocolate drop sponge cakes don’t particularly help, although it was very tasty.