It’s extraordinary how meetings just sap all your energy and mental capacity. I ended up in meetings all day today, and just find myself incapable of stringing more than about 3 words together coherently. (Typing this doesn’t count, as I can take 10 minutes between each word if I want!).

Funny old day too – really low visibility due to nasty cold fog. Actually it was only early morning – had cleared up by about 9am. Haven’t had a really good fog for ages, and I do find them quite exciting. The paper was also predicting a mega-cold winter, with average daily t emperatures of only about 4 degrees, and lots of snow. On the one hand, this is good (we like snow), on the other hand you just know it’s going to stuff up the trains. Perhaps it will only snow at the weekends? H’mm, and here’s me with 9am lectures to take from February.

Still, I consoled myself by buying a new phone today, which should arrive in the next day or two. Plumped for a Siemens SX1 (mainly because it’s a bit wacky), and think I will probably switch over to a PAYG tariff – I simply don’t use a mobile enough to justify a monthly contract anymore. If I hate the SX1 then at the price I’m getting it I should easily recoup my costs on e-bay. The Sony-Ericsson K700i was a close second, btw!