"PS2 Linux"

My Linux for Playstation 2 kit arrived this morning – huge box containing a hard disk and network adaptor, USB keyboard and mouse, and a monitor cable. A short afternoon’s playing, and my PS2 is now running Linux – I was installing some development tools onto it from this box even while it was running in the sitting room (someone else in the household was using the TV to watch Neighbours, you see…) I can’t wait to actually run some of the graphics demos, and get my hands a bit dirty.

I’ve also taken the plunge and decided to upgrade to Fedora Core 3. Currently running FC1, which is fine, but thought I’d try a newer model. So it’s coming down on the bittorrent (something like 30 hours download in all – I only have entry level broadband), quick burn onto DVD, and hopefully Bob’s my uncle. It’s always the obscure but essential tools that break, the ones you only use twice a year but then really need them, and haven’t the foggiest where you got them from in the first place! I suspect the upgrade will trash my /usr/local, which is sad, but there’s nothing too important on there. /home is nice and safe on it’s own partition.

H’mm – this means “my linux box” is no longer a unique identifier (actually it wasn’t before, as there’s a redhat 486 packed up in the loft). Saddo alert – Time for bed!