Had a realisation as I shaved this morning – on the 16th July I’m going to be in Cornwall. If the 16th July has no significance for you then you may as well skip reading the rest of this entry. 🙂

This date etched so firmly in my mind (and nearly my face) is of course the release date of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Price (aka. Harry Potter 6). I’ve pre-ordered on Amazon already, of course, but it’s going to be delivered up here, which is a fat lot of good if I’m in Cornwall. As I see it, this leaves me with 3 options; decide that I can live without the book for a week (yeah right), try and find a retailer down there, or get it delivered down there. This third one has the most appeal, limited only by the fact I’m not yet sure where I’ll be on that Saturday. Going to be generally staying with in-laws, but the exact logistics are not yet known.

Option 1 has half an appeal, but I can absolutely guarantee I’ll be spending at least some of that fortnight reading anyway, so it may as well be Harry Potter. As for option 2 – far too lazy!