A chance discussion with a work colleague has made me realise that it’s nearly a month since my last waffle! January was not such a good month; spent quite a lot of time off sick, and then of course had to try and catch up on the work front. Teaching has also kicked in now, which is fun but does take a lot of time and energy.

Nothing that exciting has happened either, or at least not that comes to mind. I’ve started playing on the ‘ol Playstation again – first time in many moons – and I’d forgotten how much fun it is. I’m splitting my time between playing Jak 3 and Socom II online, although I also have Hardware: Online Arena which I haven’t tried online yet. Ratchett and Clank 2 should be en route, care of eBay, and I’ve got my eye on R&C 3, which has online play. Need to save up some pennies first tho!