My first time using a laptop on a train (and quite possibly my last). My main observation so far is that it’s jolly uncomfortable, which is partly a result of having a large laptop, as this is a fairly old model. I know that GNER do provide WiFi Internet access on some of their trains, but (a) this one isn’t one of them, and (b) even if it was I don’t have wireless on this laptop, so as usual I’ll have to upload this entry when I get somewhere with Internet. I can’t even try and do something fancy with GPRS ‘cos I’ve got no way to connect the laptop to my phone. Ah well.

The type of laptop that most appeals to me is the so-called sub-notebooks, which are a little larger than A5 (as I understand it), but still have a ‘proper’ keyboard. So maybe one day, when I’m rich and famous, I’ll get myself such a beast – by then the Internet will be accessible from anywhere anyway. In the meantime I’ll have to keep scamming one from work.

In any case, I would definitely want one with built in wireless and bluetooth. While at the conference, I managed to use my phone to control a colleague’s laptop using bluetooth, which was very cool. Excellent range too; I could control it from the other side of the (large) room, which I would probably put as more than 10m, but couldn’t sure.

Incidently, I am also doing a little bit of work – trying out some visualisation software – and scrawling away which it builds. Think I’ll go and write my Constantine review.