"A Better Week"

The good thing about bad weeks is that they always end, and then more often then not the following week is an improvement. I had Monday off as the Handley-bug finally caught up with me, but now all three of us seem to be back up and fighting fit (well, nearly), and absolutely gagging for our Holiday. Was down in London over the weekend for my Mum’s 60th birthday- isn’t it funny how certain numbers are meaningful almost entirely due to the fact we have ten digits on our hands? If we counted in binary, we’d probably decide 64 was […]

"One of those weeks"

It’s been one of those weeks – you know the type that make you want to jack it all in, sell everything, and live in a caravan. Started off with A. coming down with tonsilitis (or however you spell it). So James takes charge of young lad, taking him to and from nursery, and indeed book him in an extra day because A’s not up to looking after him… Halfway through the day, James gets a phone-call from Nursery: “Ben’s coming down with Chicken-pox; can you come and pick him up please?”. I’d booked today off work anyway, and had […]


Our much beloved Fiat Punto is sadly nearing the end of it’s life. Well, the end of it’s life with us anyway. It is most certainly entering that sad phase of car life when things start to go wrong, and it just gets more and more expensive to run. Can’t complain; we’ve had it for about 6 years now, and we got it second hand, and it’s to/from Cornwall on several occasions. Don’t get me wrong – I’m sure it’s got several years service left in it, but I worry it’s going to start breaking down and becoming less reliable, […]

"Formula One Fiascos"

I find myself annoyed by the fiasco of the Indianapolis Grand Prix for reasons which I think are quite different from a lot of the other people. The situation is pretty clear – Michelin failed to provide tyres that were suitable to run for race distance at the speedway. As such safety was compromised, and it was absolutely the right decision that these tyres should not have been used under race conditions. I don’t think anyone would disagree with this. The problem comes with the response. Michelin and the seven michelin running teams on the grid felt like the rules […]

"Google going image crazy"

Here’s a strange one, pointed out by H. at work. Sometimes, when you search for a specific phrase, Google will return a few small images on it’s main search result. It seems pretty random which ones will or won’t – hey, time for a table (most not found by me!) Returns images Doesn’t return images limecat, hello kitty darth tater darth vader, princess leia, chewbacca, yoda luke skywalker, r2d2, hans solo daffy duck, mickey mouse, hong kong phooey, bugs bunny gollum frodo/bilbo baggins, gandalf gordon freeman buzz lightyear, lara croft kate moss claudia schiffer, britney spears, … hubble mars rover […]

"More Rabbits (and Batman)"

Saw the rabbit again last night – was wandering around our front garden, and I even managed to get off a couple of photos. Changed my mind about it being carefree – whenever there was any noise, or a car went past, it scarpered straight away, and as I discovered yesterday it can disappear very effectively into a nearby bush. Haven’t got a great photo yet; still holding out for that! Put my Batman review up, and enough said about the film itself – but a funny thing happened on the way home – I walked past a newspaper display […]

"Batman Begins"

Great film – go see. There, broken all the rules of reviews and started with the bottom line! Think of it like Spiderman, only better. This is the first film since Spidey that I’ve come out of thinking ‘can’t wait for the next one’ (and you just know there’s gonna be one). The film starts with young (8ish?) Bruce being good friends with Rachael (who grows up to be a most watchable Katie Holmes), gaining his fear of bats, losing his parents, and them himself in anonymous Asian countries – although not necessarily in that order. Enter mentor in mountain-top […]

"Rats and Rabbits"

We’ve got a feral rabbit living in our street – hopped along the pavement while we were eating our dinner, and A has come across it before in our front garden. I grabbed my camera to get a photo, but it saw me coming and jumped into a hedge. 20 minutes of standing still some distance from said hedge failed to result in another bunny sighting. I must say I wouldn’t generally give a rabbit very long in a suburban street, but this one seems to be growing up quite well, and certainly does a runner if anything disturbs it. […]

"Mr & Mrs Smith"

Mr & Mrs Smith is the latest high-octance-action-romance fare from over the pond, staring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie as the eponymous couple, married for 5 (or 6) years and, unbeknownst to each other, each one of the world’s top assassins. This is a rather unlikely premise, and the film doesn’t really get going until they realise this fact, and are given each other as targets to take out. They proceed to utterly destroy their house, before realising that seriously beating each other up is assassin foreplay… Thereafter it’s a by-the-numbers shoot ’em up really. I found Mrs Smith to […]

"Why DIY when you Blog?"

I’m wondering if perhaps going down the DIY route when I built Letters from Leeds was perhaps not the best idea, and maybe I would have been better with off-the-shelf blogging software. I very much enjoyed the process of building this website and LfL, and learnt more about perl, PHP, RSS, and so on, but there’s lots of facilities which standard blogs have which I don’t, the main one probably being commenting. Don’t get me wrong – I do like the way this site looks and works (obviously, othrewise I’d change it!), and think that it probably presents the information […]

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