"A New Floor"

Very exciting day – our new floor is going down in our hall and dining room. We’ve been in this house for nearly 4 and a half years now, and when we bought it it was “in need of modernisation”. We’ve been slowly (but surely) doing said modernising since then, and it’s a very slow and tedious process, but possibly – just possibly – the end is nigh!

Once the floor is down, they’ll inevitably be some finishing touches (spots of painting here and there), and that just leaves us with our spare bedroom to paint, and then the study to paint. And then it’s finished. Finto. Everything done! Just in time to move house. 🙂

Incidently, for just about as long as Ben’s been around (i.e. 18 months), our dining room has been a banned area for him, either because of extreme splinter-ville floorboards, or because it was packed full of bits and pieces from other rooms being decorated. But as of probably this weekend, he’ll have free roam of it. I think the study will be out of bounds forever, because it’s just too hard making it child friendly.

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