"One of those weeks"

It’s been one of those weeks – you know the type that make you want to jack it all in, sell everything, and live in a caravan. Started off with A. coming down with tonsilitis (or however you spell it). So James takes charge of young lad, taking him to and from nursery, and indeed book him in an extra day because A’s not up to looking after him…

Halfway through the day, James gets a phone-call from Nursery:

“Ben’s coming down with Chicken-pox; can you come and pick him up please?”.

I’d booked today off work anyway, and had all sorts of plans arranged for
a day in on my own, and in the event all of us were holed up! I’m not feeling so hot myself (collapsed into bed at about 7 last night, and more or less slept
’till morning, and was still exhausted). Been really tired today with a bit of headache to boot. 🙁

Mind you, A’s feeling a bit better, and is back to work on Friday at least for part of the day. She is having to take at least one day off next week to look after Ben though, which is a huge hassle for her work. These things are sent to try us. I know it’s the world’s favourite lie to say “life would be easier/better/etc if only..”, but at times it’s tempting to buy it!

On a much happier note, I am now the proud owner of a Tungsten E2, which is lovely; does everything I want and “just works”. My Palm III has totally died (so it was only just in time), and so has become a toy for Ben. He straightway picked it up, pulled out the stylus (which I had meant to leave in!), opened the flip and started scribbling on the touch screen!!! Of course I’d taken out the batteries, and he’s too young to have a small sharp thing like that – but I was still amazed! The E2 is lurvely – the bluetooth stuff all worked with zero hassle (for SMS, e-mail and web browser), everything installed properly, and it’s bright, colorful, fast and responsive. I want to get a memory card for it, and then the WiFi card (it’s only drawback is that WiFI is not built in).

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