"Sleeping through the night???"

I reckon this whole “sleeping through the night” thing is an urban legend, at least as it regards babies. Take Ben – now he’s a good little sleeper by anyone’s standards.. usually in bed by 7pm, and usually sleeps until 7am the next morning… Never-the-less, he still wakes up at 2, 3, or 4 morning from time to time – I would say that he doesn’t wake up perhaps 90% of the time. This all sounds jolly good, until you work out that 90% means that 1 night out of every 10 he wakes up at 3 in the morning. […]

"Bad Wolf"

One of the things that has really intrigued me about the new Dr Who series is the Bad Wolf thing. For the first time it was done quite explicitly in Saturday’s episode, with the Doctor noticing and wondering what was with it. Turns out that it has featured in just about every episode, although I have to confess the only one I really noticed was when it was graffitied on the side of the TARDIS. Anyway, thanks to slashdot, a website speculating on such matters has been brough to my attention, appropriately enough badwolf.org.uk, and it’s got me wondering all […]

"Memories of Imperial"

Was just thinking about other fond memories from my undergraduate days – and I actually really enjoyed my degree at Imperial. Jolly hard work, and Imperial is a bit of a degree factory as far as UGs go, but a good time none-the-less. I had a very interesting friendship with a chap called Steve, who must of been one of my best friends at uni. I always sat next to him in lectures (when I went) and copied his notes (when I didn’t), we went climbing every lunchtime, and always ate lunch together afterwards in the JCR, every so often […]

"Bye Bye Southside"

I’ve just found out that they’re knocking down Southside halls of residence (at Imperial college). A sad day, in many ways, especially as it would seem Southside bar is not going to be present in the new building. I spent a large precentage of my undergraduate life in Southside – either in the radio station, in southside bar (working and/or drinking), or my second year in the hall itself when I was the student radio station manager. The radio station moved up the Union buildings several years ago, and I’m slightly ashamed to say I’ve not visited it since, but […]

I find myself in the probably usual position of not really having anything to write about, but never-the-less still wanting to blog. Topics that have drifted through my head of late is just how lazy an awful lot of singers are about their diction. I suppose archetypically this includes the Bangles, but even Roy Orbison slurs his words together. I’m not great exception to this rule, but neither do I try and make my living out of it. I’m dead excited about Harry Potter – Amazon reckon they’re going to dispatch it on the 14th July, and have a delivery […]

"It’s just a ride"

Radio 2 are majorly playlisting the song by Jem called It’s just a ride. Our Tel seems to play it everytime I listen to him in the morning. As it happens it’s a great song, and I am still very much in my “loving female singer-songwriters” phase (which I’m astonished to see that I apparantly haven’t blogged about before – it must have been a real conversation!). Each time he plays it, I get closer and closer to buying the album. It was down to Radio 2 that I got Tambourine by Tift Merritt – specifically the song Still Pretending, […]

"Plumb Job"

Forgot to mention yesterday that I owe all my plumbing skills (such as they are) to my late dad, who gave me the confidence to go ahead and try it, and also showed me some of the tricks of the trade. He came up and moved our kitchen sink for us, and opened up the world of delights of soldering copper pipes together. As a result of this I undertook the bathroom plumbing on my very lonesome (except for the loo, which I (a) didn’t fancy and (b) really didn’t want to get wrong!) Never-the-less, the bathroom involved removing the […]

"Plumbing Woes"

A bit annoyed yesterday. I’ve been fitting a replacement radiator in our dining room (room of new floor), but had some problems with the plumbing as new radiator is not as wide as old radiator was. This combined with the fact that I didn’t realise that valve tails (the bits that screw into the radiator and then connects with the valves) come with the value and not the radiator – so I’d thrown them away with the old radiator – meant I had problems connecting it all up. Not particularly keen to drain the whole system in order to fit […]

"Playstation Quandries"

In my recent ramblings about the toys I’ve got my eyes on, I realise that I completely forgot to consider the new Playstation incarnations! On the one hand we’ve got the PS3 coming out next year sometime, which by all accounts will be awesomely powerful, has network gaming, etc etc, and is a suitable upgrade to ye olde PS2. On the other hand, at the back end of this year is the Playstation Portable, which seems to be pretty much a portable PS2. The fundamental problem is that I don’t really have time to playstation, and it also hogs the […]

"A New Floor"

Very exciting day – our new floor is going down in our hall and dining room. We’ve been in this house for nearly 4 and a half years now, and when we bought it it was “in need of modernisation”. We’ve been slowly (but surely) doing said modernising since then, and it’s a very slow and tedious process, but possibly – just possibly – the end is nigh! Once the floor is down, they’ll inevitably be some finishing touches (spots of painting here and there), and that just leaves us with our spare bedroom to paint, and then the study […]

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