"Media Star!"

Dead excited – something I sent in was read out this morning by Jonny Walker on Radio 2. 🙂 Ok, so “media star” might be going a bit far, but it’s a start. Ok, ok, so they didn’t actually mention my name, and so it might have been someone else saying the same thing… .. IN fact why did I bother posting this at all? 🙁 P.S. My mate Penguin’s coming to stay this weekend – fab and groovy! (and he’ll appreciate my almost mention on R2, even if you lot don’t)

"Su Doku and blogging"

I got into Su Doku in Cornwall – both sets on in-laws get The Times, which of course prints 3 every day. It’s a very pleasing puzzle to do; not too taxing but yet still stimulating. So I got to thinking about how one would write a computer program to solve ’em, and have now finished version 1, which only has a pretty basic rule set, but non-the-less managed this Tuesday’s easy, mild, and diffcult. I was surprised it managed the difficult, actually, as I thought the rules I’d pogrammed were not sophisticated enough. I’m pretty sure it will trip […]

"And so I’m back.."

Made it home. Phew. Was a lovely time – as you’ve noticed I didn’t quite get around to writing a LfL on t’beach, mainly because I didn’t fancy taking my phone+PDA into a wet, salty, sandy environment! Weather was gorgeous, and we had lots of fun (went to a Donkey park, plenty of swimming and sun-bathing, some nice walks), and I managed to fill up the memory card of my camera (in the order of 300 photos, I think). Course an awful lot of those are dups and/or duds, many of which I could have deleted in Cornwall. Great excitement […]

"Sunny Cornwall Beckons"

Well, that’s it for me – off to Cornwall for a fortnight, for what I hope will be our first proper holiday since before Ben was born. If we can twist granny and grandpa’s arms sufficiently, that’s potentially up to 10 days of sleeping in; possibly as last as 8.30!! Nearly all packed now – the important stuff (camera, battery chargers, GPS) was all ready at the start of week; last night was throwing boring stuff (clothes, etc) into a bag – tonight it’s loading the car, then hit the M1. We were in two minds about whether to go […]


Here’s the Love, by Hayley Hutchinson (my current favourite track) continues to end up pretty high on my playlist. Had a go at playing along over the weekend, and it would appear that there’s no minor chord in it! I might be mistaken – and was certainly surprised – and there’s definitely one point when you could squeeze in a minor, but it’s basically a major chord song. It’s just so fab though; puts a smile on my face everytime I hear it. The other thought I had is that it’s just screaming to be put into a film – […]

"The Wildlife Letters"

Been pondering – it’s a fair bet that one day I’ll no longer work in Leeds, and then what do I call these missives? The rather tacky Letters from Life would enable me to keep the initial letters, but is just too cheesy, even for me. I’m sure something will come to me. Anyway, got a rabbit update.. was watching Man on Fire this evening, when there’s a BANG BANG BANG at the door. I rush to see what the emergency is, and a young lady with baby on hip is standing there. “Sorry to disturb you,” she says. “But […]

"Raspberry Yum"

I’m getting in lots of entries before we go to Cornwall! 🙂 Anyway, my top favourite pud: Raspberry Yum Serves approx 4-6 You make it straight in the serving bowl; I like using a trifle bowl that’s around 1.5 litres or so. Ingredients: 2x 400g tins raspberries 175g Sponge fingers 250ml double cream, whipped Dash of sherry/rum/.. (optional) Method: Drain the rasps, keeping the juice, and put to one side. Dip the sponge fingers in the rasp juice, so that they are saturated but not soggy, and line the bottom and sides of the serving bowl. The easiest way to […]

"Routing tooting and bits"

By the way, I moved my private network at home onto a new subnet, and not had any more routing problems; although I am still using the Buffalo. It’s a huge pain in the bottom moving a Linux server onto a new subnet, or indeed onto a new IP address. It’s the master DNS for my private network, so all that needed changing, plus of course iptables, web-servers, etc, all depend on heavily on IP addresses (or at least they do on my set up). Still, nothing seems to have broken; I just need to remember to move the PS2 […]

I like Radio 2 – they play cracking old music, and cherry-pick the best of the new stuff while avoiding all the trash that seems to fill up the charts. I’ve mildly gone off Jem at the moment (probably over-exposure), but just love “Here’s the Love” by Hayley Hutchinson, from her Independently Blue album. Turns out she’s from York (as far as I can tell), and working in a soldering factory. The album is – in one sense – yet another female singer/songwriter country type album – but I don’t think that does it justice, from what I’ve heard. “Here’s […]

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