Well, that’s it for me – off to Cornwall for a fortnight, for what I hope will be our first proper holiday since before Ben was born. If we can twist granny and grandpa’s arms sufficiently, that’s potentially up to 10 days of sleeping in; possibly as last as 8.30!!

Nearly all packed now – the important stuff (camera, battery chargers, GPS) was all ready at the start of week; last night was throwing boring stuff (clothes, etc) into a bag – tonight it’s loading the car, then hit the M1.

We were in two minds about whether to go halfway down tonight, or just spend the whole of Saturday travelling. We plumped for the split journey, as much as anything because our car has no air-con, and we didn’t think we could hack 7 hours in a baking hot car with a screaming toddler.. Turns out this was an extra smart move, as it’s the British Grand Prix this weekend, so the Silverstone area will no doubt be heaving tommorow. So it’s a service station on the M5 tonight, then the Cornish coast tommorow, hopefully by about 11am.

Of course, my new E2 plays very nicely with my K700, and will let me browse the web over bluetooth/GPRS, so I guess I might not be able to resist the urge to blog from the beach (just as long as A. doesn’t see me). Which reminds me, A and I have a little wager afoot. I reckon on at least one morning I’ll go out for a jog before breakfast. A says she’ll eat her hat if I do. I will report back who wins…