"Double discounts"

One of the nice things about working for a uni is that the university closes for two days on most of the bank holidays – so yesterday was another painting day. I discovered that it takes me about 2 hours do a single coat on the walls and ceiling of our spare room – plus obviously another bit either side preparing and then cleaning up. So I managed to get two coats on yesterday, which was fab – but sadly it looks like it will need another. And we’ve still got to do the wood too. We’re going for an […]

"Amazing Decorating"

Well, another day of decorating; a-painting, a-sanding, a-papering, a-caulking, and a-sawing, although not in that order. Got the replacement wallpaper up very quickly and easily (far more so then we were expecting). Got the new skirting-board bits on, and got all the bare wood primed. I had hoped to get a coat on the walls and ceilings, but it was not to vbe. Tommorow’s job. We had loads of fun yesterday – went to the York Maze, which is a maze carved out of a field of maize (aka sweetcorn). It was great, although we did get lost and so […]

"The Great Bank Holiday Decorate"

We’ve started The Decorating of Our Spare Room – first task was to strip the manky old bit of wallpaper by the door (which got trashed by the electrician doing the re-wiring), and then put a new strip of wallpaper in it’s place. Inevitably the bit we’ve removed is an inch wider than the strip we have to replace it. Ah well. It actually went quite well today; almost all the prep work is done (little bit more sanding to do, and the walls need washing down), plus I got the clever trick with the radiator to work – the […]

"Toys toys toys (and games)"

I feel very unoriginal, but I’ve taken a shine to another new artist that R2 have been heavily playlisting, this time KT Tunstall, who did Black Horse and the Cherry Tree, but also the more engaging (in my opinion) Suddenly I see, which was enough to make me visit iTunes and part with another hard earned 79p. 🙂 Anyway, it turns out that she does “Cherry Tree” live using a looping sampler pedal, specifically the Akai E2 Headrush, and lays down a loop one part at a time, starting with a guitar body ‘thump-splat’ as basic rhythm, then a muted […]

"Just some stuff"

Going out tonight to the Starbeck Tandoori, in our opinion one of the best curry houses in Harrogate. No time to say anymore as the baby sitter’s here! 🙂


A sad (but possibly understandable) habit of (computing) folks is to search for their own name in search engines – primarily Google these days. The main point is to see how far down the list one appears, but also because it’s interesting to see exactly what pages there are. Guess where this is going… So WAAAAAYYYYY down the Google list (like page 18), there’s a page or two from the Your Sinclair archives. I was a religious reader of Your Sinclair every month, as I played various games on my ZX81 and subsequent Spectrum +2 (with a whole 128k of […]

"Life, oh life."

Phew – Busy life. Had to give a reference for a friend last night, which ended up taking the better part of an hour, was out this evening with work, tommorow is kitchen painting (second, and hopefully final undercoat), Friday is shopping, and Saturday is going to the tip and writing Sunday’s sermon! Actually Sunday should be fun; I’m using an image from Google Earth that shows our little neck of the woods from a low earth orbit. Actually it looks a little bit like the new BBC Weather graphic… I was going to show a clip from Indiana Jones […]

"PS2 Jukebox"

A-ha; I’ve finally found a decent use for my Linux for Playstation 2 kit (well, at least until I get around to writing a game…) For a while now I’ve been thinking that if we ever have a party, it would be good to have music, but the problem with party music is that it normally always comes off a CD or tape shoved in a sound system (or at least it does in our household). This is fine, except that each one only lasts about an hour, and then of course you either get an hour of a pre-printed […]


It’s no coincidence that if you say “RSS” out loud it comes out “arse”. I discovered that I’d completely stuffed up the RSS feeds from eutony.net, so much so that it was a surprise they worked at all. Should’ve gone to the Feed Validator before I made a song and dance about them. Anyway, I think they are right now (they certainly validate), so accept my apologies in case of the extremely unlikely event that anyone except me uses the RSS. Incidently, I know the timestamp isn’t right – or to be more precise the timezone doesn’t take into account […]

"Of Painting (and Books)"

Thursday night is painting night in the Handley household. Our task for August is to paint all the remaining bits and pieces of unfinished woodwork (the door, skirting board, couple of shelves – that kind of thing). Last week was sanding, tonight was priming the bare wood and putting an undercoat on the door. We aim to do around an hour each night, but have a specific task, rather than a time limit. Finished off by watching Extras, which is quite amusing, but also a bit sad, somehow. Biting satire is one thing, but it sometimes feels like a bit […]

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