Come up another couple of words that nobody says anymore; crumbs and crickey. Actually I don’t know how to spell that last one! I guess more “mature” words have superceded such mild exclamations of surprise, but I think they still have their place. A. suggested cripes, but I would categorise that in a similar way to lawks, which nobody has used outside a book (or irony) in recent times.

Another book I’ve made my way through is The Hungry Tide, which was actually quite an enjoyable book, if borderline dark. So many reviews to write..

In case you’re wondering, this book-fest has been inspired by a general cull and review of our bookshelves, which were creaking under the load.

Quick Ben update; he’s really got the hang of “hello” and “no” – there’s been the threat of “yes”, and today I’m sure he said “ready” after he put his coat on!!