NTL announced today that they are going to roll out 10Mb broadband to everyone. Well, that’s everyone on NTL, of course.

I was quite chuffed when they switched their most basic offering from 300k to 1Mb, but now it would appear that by the end of 2006 I could be on 10Mb at home. The press release doesn’t talk about what upstream rates are, but my money would be on between 500k and 1Mb, and this means I could quite realistically move my primary hosting of eutony.net to my Apache server at home. My website has hardly any traffic – I’m lucky to reach 40Mb a month – so I don’t suppose NTL would notice, even if they did mind.

The only slight reservation is that the connection does go down from time to time, and the IP address changes – which is fairly easy to get around, but still a pain.

One of the interesting things here is that they are apparantly changing their charging structure from ‘speed’ based to ‘usage’ based – so everyone will be on 10Mbs, and the top tier will have 75Gb/month allowance, but the lowest tier will presumably be something like 10Gb month? In many ways this is sensible, since it essentially costs NTL nothing to provide an x meg connection to my house, but it does cost them to ship my bits around.