Phew – back to business as usual, at least in the Ben department. Didn’t hear a peep all evening (although to be fair I was out at the School of Computing BBQ yesterday evening), and he’s asleep even now (7am). Very nice too.

The BBQ was fun – got to meet lots of other halves and offspring, and see a few faces that I don’t see so much anymore. Needless to say at one point it rained, but it was actually only a light drizzle and soon passed. Also as usual the Pentanq (sp?) set appeared, and much fun was had by all.

Didn’t get home too late in the end, which was nice – although Harrogate trains are only one an hour after about 18.30, so perhaps left a little earlier than I might in order to get the 20.29. No – stop, I refuse to start writing journal entries about train timetables!

That said, the live departure boards done by the National Rail people are cool and useful.

Minor excitements; I’ve moved backed to a fundamentally table based layout now, as this site renders so hideously badly in a text based browser, and it’s not so hot on my PDA either. The whistles, bells, formatting, and precise placement are still very much CSS, but it’s operating within a table framework. It has introduced an annoying gap in my stave though, which I shall have to fix. 🙂