Have managed to remove the annoying little gap in my stave, but I then discovered that my combination of tables and CSS was enough to crash Netscape 4. I’ve already got stuff in place that serves up “simple” CSS to older browsers, so it was just a case of removing the stuff that causes them to break, while leaving in as much as possible so that browsers which can handle full CSS will.

I’ve also been fiddling around with text based browsers – the site will detect if you’re using Links or Lynx, and serve up slightly different content, specifically:

  • The menu at the top of screen loses its divs
  • The links on the left aren’t served at all (well, actually they are served, but are commented out. Bit hacky, I know)
  • Lots of extra <hr>s put in to delimit stuff

It’s not perfect yet; in particular my to see list has gone a bit nasty. 🙁 I suspect this is a hard-coded width issue, which I shall track down another day. For now my sandwiches have gone, so it’s back to work.