Phew – Busy life. Had to give a reference for a friend last night, which ended up taking the better part of an hour, was out this evening with work, tommorow is kitchen painting (second, and hopefully final undercoat), Friday is shopping, and Saturday is going to the tip and writing Sunday’s sermon!

Actually Sunday should be fun; I’m using an image from Google Earth that shows our little neck of the woods from a low earth orbit. Actually it looks a little bit like the new BBC Weather graphic… I was going to show a clip from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade as well, but I think there’s a danger of ending up all gimmick and no content.

Still, had time to fiddle around with this ‘ere site as well; added the fancy ‘RSS’ logo in the appropriate places, and finally got around to paginating my journal archive so you don’t get served a huge page of 70+ entries when you go there. Will probably tweak, but it’s a start.

Most importantly of all, have set the video for tonight’s Lost on C4. Far too late to watch this evening; probably Sunday evening’s fare (it would be a pretty lame excuse; not having a sermon on Sunday ‘cos we’d watched a video on Sat night).