So the Sony PSP was released today. I had to come home a bit early for reasons that I won’t go in to – but ended up wandering through town; past Dixons, Woolies, Game and the like. It must be said that all of these retailers appeared to have stock (they certainly had the empty boxes out) – but they had a few on display, and they just look lurvely. Seem plenty of pics and vids online, but not the same as actually seeing one doing it stuff. Didn’t actually get to play with one (felt a bit naughty when there’s zero chance of me buying one), but just drooled over the display case.

With a small-but-definite toy budget deficit, a PSP is not on the cards for many moons yet – which is a shame as I’ve got several long train journeys coming up (oh well). On the plus side, it may well be cheaper by then?