I’m starting to feel like an old hand at this travelling game; or is that just old? 🙂 Anywhere, here we in Oxford for our annual project workshop, sort of a bit like a mini-version of the jolly in Nottingham last week.

My talk is a bit more involved here, as I’ve got a 30 minute slot to fill (plus various live demos), and we actually spent most of the train journey finishing it off, which was time really well spent – my boss had great suggestions that improved it no end! Mind you, he was talking about using it in one of his lectures this term… 🙂 The train itself was fine, except for a mixup in the seat reservations which meant we had to turf someone out of our seats – but they managed to find seats just behind so that worked out ok. The main reason for wanting to sit (beside the obvious) was in order to get the laptops out and do some work, so we didn’t feel too bad.

Supper yesterday was courtesy of Browns on Woodstock Rd. I’d never actually been to a Browns before, and it was ok. It was extremely noisy, but the food was very good. Probably a little more expensive then I’d ideally be looking to pay for a meal out, but by no means extortionate. I had spare-ribs, which I love having and haven’t had for ages. In fact the last time I had ribs was at the meeting in Edinburgh in April. Perhaps it’s an e-Science thing. Anyway, it was a good opportunity to talk a bit about work, and find out a bit more about each other.

Oh yes, I’m staying in St. Anne’s college, which seems very nice. First thing I did on arrival was to plug the laptop in hopefully to the RJ45 socket lurking on the wall, and lo and behold here I am. Well, there I was – it’s obviously morning now! But I bet the boss is doing the same thing next door… Ooh scary thought; maybe even reading this?

Closing thought; am a little disappointed that apparantly nobody has tried to sell their cuff-links on eBay yet. There were something like 650 of us who got them (several ladies amoung us!), so you’d had thought someone would have flogged ’em by now!